YouTube Exec Ryan Wyatt Says Valkyrae Is “The Fastest-Growing Livestreamer In The Entire World”

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According to YouTube head of gaming Ryan Wyatt, Valkyrae is the fastest-growing livestreamer in the world.

Wyatt tweeted congratulations to the 100 Thieves member after she posted a screenshot of analytics displaying her audience growth from the beginning of this year—when she left Twitch and signed an exclusive content deal with YouTube Gaming—to now.

From Jan. 15 to Feb. 14, her first month on YouTube, Valkyrae’s live streams of games like Fortnite earned a total of 333,473 live views, with an average of 1,109 concurrent viewers and a peak of 3,217 viewers. Feb. 14 through March 14 brought 297,188 views with an average of 1,632 concurrent viewers and a peak of 4,818 concurrents. The next month, she went up to 967,210 total views, but her average concurrents only increased by around 100 viewers, and her peak slipped to 3,434.

For most of this year, her channel’s trajectory followed this pattern: small gains in month-over-month viewership, with the occasional drop. Then August came.

From Aug. 15 through Sept. 14, her channel brought 6,433,065 live views. Her average concurrent viewership was 11,970, with a whopping peak of 48,651. The next month, her numbers soared even higher: 11,302,838 total views; 31,059 average concurrents; and a peak of 66,963.

So, what happened in August?

Two words: Among Us.

The 2018 multiplayer game recently found a sudden foothold with some of YouTube and Twitch’s most-followed movers and makers, including Markiplier (27.1 million subscribers on YouTube), jacksepticeye (25.1M), Ninja (16M followers on Twitch), Pokimane (5.82), and PewDiePie (107M). Many of them have played the game with Valkyrae (1.62M), who has livestreamed their sessions and uploaded more than 20 videos chronicling her crewmate-slaughtering adventures.

In a tweet, Valkyrae attributed her growth to Among Us, but added that “streaming with friends, YouTube and 100 Thieves” have also helped push her channel to new heights.

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Apple Music TV chief talks up new music video service

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And when you’re not watching Music TV a new deal with Peanuts Worldwide and Lee Mendelson Film Productions means you’ll be able to watch all the classic “Peanuts” Specials.

When it comes to Apple’s adventures in media, Variety is getting all the biggest scoops, with what appears to be an exclusive interview with Apple Music TV chief, Rachel Newman.

What does she say?

Please take a look at the Variety report to get the nuances of this, but here are the eight most important things I think she said about the new Apple Music TV channel:

  • Apple Music TV is a hits channel.
  • It’s focused on contemporary music.
  • What you watch will consist of music videos interspersed with short original Apple Music video content and occasional special events, such as the Bruce Springsteen focus later this week.
  • That means retrospective concert footage, exclusive interviews and even live (virtual) events.
  • Apple’s radio channels have been interviewing artists since launch of Beats 1. “We produce video content in support of those efforts,” Newman said. Which sounds like we’ll see some more from some of the interviews we’ve already heard.
  • There is a dedicated Music TV curation team who work with the radio and playlist production teams.
  • Newman was a little opaque in how she put it, but it does look like Apple will continue to invest in music documentaries as part of this push.
  • “No, there will not be ads.”
  • Now read the Variety report.

Up next:

This is what has actually happened:

  • One of the world’s biggest music distribution companies just moved to introduce a music television station.
  • This will be supported by some of the world’s best former music journalists (they’re the people making your playlists).
  • It will offer up original content within its mix.
  • These shows will be made available at no charge via the TV app.
  • The whole exercise is ads-free.
  • The TV app is now available across a plethora of devices, not all made by Apple.
  • People are going to begin using the TV app just for the music channel. (Then they’ll want to watch the other shows.
  • (You can subscribe to Apple Music on most platforms).

I just hope Apple is prepared to dedicate space for more challenging music in its plans. I’d quite enjoy shows dedicated to avant-garde acts like Coil and Psychic TV, or the Apple Music equivalent of a John Peel show (which is currently lacking).

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MrBeast Says ‘Creator Games’ Sequel Snagged 1 Million Concurrent Viewers

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MrBeast’s Creator Games appear to have once again set a new viewership record for YouTube.

The 24-minute live broadcast of his second creator-versus-creator tournament drew at least one million concurrent viewers, he tweeted shortly after it concluded. If that figure is accurate, it means Creator Games 2 has edged out David Blaine’s Ascension, which peaked at 770K concurrents when it streamed in September, to become YouTube’s most-watched live original ever. (Tubefilter has reached out to YouTube to verify the number of concurrent viewers, and will update this story with any new information.)

Back in April, the original Creator Games—a rock-paper-scissors tourney that awarded winner Nadeshot a $250,000 donation to the charity of his choice—set its own record with 662K concurrents. That was later topped by YouTube’s virtual graduation ceremony, Dear Class of 2020 (665K), and then Ascension.

MrBeast (IRL name Jimmy Donaldson) also tweeted an apology to fans who were frustrated that the wildly popular D’Amelio family were crowned the winners of Creator Games 2.

Like its predecessor, Creator Games 2 pit digital movers and makers against one another, bracketing them in head-to-head challenges and eliminating them one by one. But unlike the first iteration, this one had a couple teams of more than one person, including the D’Amelios. Sisters Charli (94 million followers on TikTok) and Dixie (41.1M) and parents Marc and Heidi (14.3M) competed together, while all other teams had just one or two players.

“I see some people mad that I let multiple people compete on a single team,” Donaldson tweeted. “Honestly, the tournament was just for fun and to bring the community together and I’d appreciate if you were to get mad at anyone, get mad at me.”

He added, “The criticism is noted and I’ll definitely keep all teams the same size next time!”

The D’Amelios won $300,000 to give away to their fans.

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Apple launches a US-only music video station, Apple Music TV

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Apple is expanding its investment in music with today’s launch of “Apple Music TV.” The new music video station offers a free, 24-hour live stream of popular music videos and other music content, including exclusive video premieres, curated music video blocks, live shows, fan events, chart countdowns and guest appearances.

The service doesn’t have its own dedicated app, but is instead offered as a new feature within two of Apple’s existing entertainment apps. At launch, you can watch Apple Music TV from within the Browse tab of either the Apple Music app or the Apple TV app. (Accessible via

While Apple Music is a paid subscription service, Apple Music TV will be free to users in the U.S., the company says.

To kick off its launch, Apple Music TV today began with a countdown of the top 100 most-streamed songs ever across all of Apple Music, based on U.S. data.

During brief tests of the new service, we found it to be a fairly basic — though uncensored and ad-free — experience. The video stream only offered artist and song details at the beginning, instead of as the music played. It also didn’t take advantage of the integration with Apple Music to offer additional features to paying subscribers — like being able to favorite the song or add it to a playlist, for instance.

The stream would stop when the Apple Music app was closed, as it didn’t support background play.

Image Credits: Apple

There also weren’t any on-screen tools to share what you were watching via a social media post. You had to dig to find the “share” button under the three-dot, “more” menu. This would give you a link to tweet, but wouldn’t pre-fill it with text or hashtags, like the artist name or song.

While listening, you could stop the live stream and then return after a short pause. But after a bit, the stream disconnects and the thumbnail of the paused music video reverts to the placeholder Apple Music TV image. When live, the text and icons will be shown in red. They revert to white when you’ve disconnected, as a visual cue.

Despite its simplicity, Apple Music TV gives Apple an immediate new home for its music-related original content, which over the years has included exclusive interviews, concert films and more. It also provides Apple with another advantage when it goes to negotiate with artists for their premieres, as it introduces an additional platform for reaching an artist’s fans — not only with the premiere itself, but by offering artists blocks of airtime leading up to their next debut that they can use to promote their releases.

The new station can also leverage content produced for the Apple Music 1 (formerly Beats 1) radio station, as it goes about running these promotions.

For example, on Thursday, October 22, Apple Music TV will promote the upcoming release of Bruce Springsteen’s “Letter to You” with music video blocks featuring his greatest videos, plus an exclusive interview with Zane Lowe, and a special live stream fan event.

Apple says that Apple Music 1 won’t be producing exclusive content for the live-streamed station, but instead will run the video content it already produces across its radio stations — Apple Music 1, Apple Music Country, and Apple Music Hits — as interstitial content on Apple Music TV.

Fridays, meanwhile, will focus on new music. This Friday, October 23, at 9 AM PT, Apple Music TV will showcase two new exclusive video premieres — Joji’s “777” and SAINt JHN’s “Gorgeous.”

Apple Music TV’s biggest advantage, of course, is the fact that it’s freely accessible to millions of Apple device owners.

But it may struggle for traction as it lacks the features that make other live stream fan events or premieres engaging — like group chats or direct interactions with creators.

Instead, it’s more like a traditional TV broadcast — even MTV-like — compared with other online destinations where artists today connect with fans and promote their albums, like YouTube, VEVO or, more recently, Facebook, which just this year launched music videos.

Apple didn’t say if it planned to expand the new station outside the U.S.


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Apple Music TV is all music, all the time, and free for all

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What you need to know

  • Apple has announced a new 24-hour streaming service devoted to Music.
  • It’s similar to the MTV that many of us grew up with.
  • Apple Music TV is free to all, although it’s US-only.

It’s like MTV but not rubbish.

Apple today announced a new 24-hour streaming service devoted to music, today. Seemingly announced via Variety, the new streaming service will play music videos and music-related content but is only available in the United States currently.

Alongside the free streaming content, Apple Music TV will also promote new content including upcoming albums.

The service premiered Monday morning (Oct. 19) with a countdown of the top 100 all-time most-streamed songs in the U.S. on Apple Music. On Thursday (October 22), it will celebrate the upcoming release of Bruce Springsteens’s “Letter to You” album with an “all day Bruce takeover” featuring music-video blocks of his most popular videos, an interview with Zane Lowe, anchor of Apple Music’s radio station, and a special livestream fan event.

Apple Music TV also promises exclusive video premieres as well, with two already set for this comnig Friday.

It will also have two exclusive video premieres on Friday at 12 p.m. ET/9 a.m. PT, Joji’s “777” and Saint Jhn’s “Gorgeous”; the channel will premiere new videos every Friday at that time.

Viewers can watch Apple Music TV in the Browse app of both the Music and TV apps on their devices.

Apple Music Subscription

Starting at $4.99 a month

Apple Music is Apple’s massive music service, comprising a subscription music catalog, iCloud Music Library syncing across your devices, Apple Music 1, Apple Music Hits, and Apple Music 1 radio live and algorithmic radio, customized playlists, and more artist exclusives than you can shake a stick at.


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TikTok’s First Music Hire, Mary Rahmani, Joins Triller As Global Head Of Partnerships

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Triller has hired away a top TikTok music executive in its bid to compete with the Bytedance-owned, short-form video powerhouse.

Mary Rahmani, who formerly served as director of music content and artist partnerships at TikTok, North America — and who was TikTok’s first music hire roughly two hears ago, she says — has been named Triller’s global head of partnerships, Variety reports.

In her previous role, Rahmani was responsible for cultivating and overseeing TikTok’s music collaborations — and she’ll bring those talents to Triller on the global stage. Prior to joining TikTok, Rahmani was the director of A&R for Capitol Music Group, Variety reports, where she signed rock and pop bands like TV On The Radio and Glass Animals.

“We are thrilled to welcome Mary to the Triller family,” the company’s chairman, Bobby Sarnevesht, told Variety in a statement. “Her years at TikTok saw her building, from the ground up, brand and other partnerships, music relationships, and influencer management. She is one of the most important executives working in the short-form space today. In our wildest dreams we didn’t think she would leave TikTok to join us, but sometimes dreams do come true.”

Last month, ahead of Rahmani’s appointment, Triller formed an advisory board with twelve of the music industry’s most prominent female executives, including a who’s-who of leaders from Spotify, Empire, Columbia Records, Live Nation, and more. The company’s emphasis on music is key because Triller enables its 100 million monthly active users — including TikTok’s top star, Charli D’Amelio — to set their short videos to hit songs, as well as to stream licensed songs in their entirety directly within the app.

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What Are We Looking Forward To Watching On Disney+ In November? | What’s On Disney Plus Podcast #102

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In this What’s On Disney Plus Podcast episode, Roger and James run through What’s Coming To Disney+ In November and discuss all of this week’s Disney+ news including

The Real Right Stuff Documentary Coming Soon To Disney+
Walt Disney Company Sets Streaming As It’s Primary Focus
Disney’s Streaming Investor Day 2020 Officially Announced

They also share their thoughts on the new Disney+ Originals, “Clouds”, “Meet The Chimps” and this weeks episode of “The Right Stuff”.

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Once Upon a Snowman | Disney+ Trailer

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The previously untold origins of Olaf, the innocent and insightful, summer-loving snowman who melted hearts in the Academy Award®-winning 2013 Disney animated feature, Frozen, and its acclaimed 2019 sequel, are revealed in the all-new Walt Disney Animation Studios animated short, Once Upon a Snowman. The film follows Olaf’s first steps as he comes to life and searches for his identity in the snowy mountains outside Arendelle. Once Upon a Snowman is directed by Trent Correy (animation supervisor, “Olaf” in Frozen 2) and Dan Abraham (veteran story artist who boarded Olaf’s “When I Am Older” musical sequence in Frozen 2) and will debut exclusively on Disney+ October 23, 2020.







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Could Disney Purchase A Cinema Chain? | What’s On Disney Plus Club Q&A

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Each week, I answer questions from our Patreons/YouTube Channel Members and this week, questions included:

Could Disney purchase more library content?
Could Disney buy a cinema chain?
When is the Investor’s day?
Why won’t Disney launch Star in the US?
Will there be more animated shows?
Is a new X-Men animated series coming soon?
Who owns the rights to different shows, is it the Television Station or the Studio?







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Airdate: The Queen’s Gambit

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US limited series The Queen’s Gambit, based on the 1983 novel by Walter Tevis, begins this week on Netflix.

The 6 part series stars Anya Taylor-Joy as an orphan chess prodigy who struggles with addiction in her quest to become a Grandmaster in chess

It also features Marielle Heller, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Moses Ingram, Harry Melling and Bill Camp.

Based on the novel by Walter Tevis, the Netflix limited series drama The Queen’s Gambit is a coming-of-age story that explores the true cost of genius. Abandoned and entrusted to a Kentucky orphanage in the late 1950s, a young Beth Harmon (Anya Taylor-Joy) discovers an astonishing talent for chess while developing an addiction to tranquilizers provided by the state as a sedative for the children. Haunted by her personal demons and fueled by a cocktail of narcotics and obsession, Beth transforms into an impressively skilled and glamorous outcast while determined to conquer the traditional boundaries established in the male-dominated world of competitive chess. The series is directed and written by two-time Academy Award nominee Scott Frank and executive produced by Frank, William Horberg and Allan Scott, who also co-created the series.

Friday on Netflix.


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