Lots of things we were hoping for from Apple didn’t get announced on September 15 and October 13. Now there’s been a bunch of predictions gushing forth. Here are collected  new Apple event and product release dates.

Product Event and Release Dates

• Let’s start with Apple TV 4K. From Ed Hardy at Cult of Mac we have: “Faster Apple TV hardware might not arrive before 2021.

A rumored Apple TV with more of a focus on gaming allegedly won’t be out before the end of 2020. It’ll be a significant upgrade, with new features beyond a performance bump.

This is, naturally, via the extraordinary @jon_prosser

I hope Apple takes this opportunity to redesign the Apple TV 4K. Swoopy cool looking (like PS5), better air flow, better remote, 120 Hz refresh, lower price.

As we suspected, it looks like Apple will follow up its previous event videos with yet another. “Apple Silicon MacBook event date just leaked — mark your calendars.

Again, via Prosser:

“To confirm, there IS a November ARM Mac event,” Prosser tweeted. “I’m hearing November 17th.” A subsequent tweet says the invitations will go out on Nov. 10.

Seems reasonable.

• Want more? I have one. This one is for the new Apple over-the-ear headphones, called AirPods Studio. From PocketNow: “Apple might finally launch the AirPods Studio in March next year.

We even have an exact date predicted: Tuesday, March 16, 2021. This is Prosser’s very own “One More Thing.”

The Week’s Apple News Debris

We hear, all the time, about people switching back and forth between macOS and Windows. Here’s an exceptionally interesting and charming one from Chris Matyszczyk. “A diehard Apple fan switched from Mac to Windows and he’s struggling.

One of the great differences — so little understood for so long — between Mac and Windows users was the contrast between emotional involvement and mere utilitarian necessity.

Microsoft bored you with productivity. Apple enchanted you with humor, empathy, and sheer humane simplicity.

There is some really good substance in this piece by author Matyszczyk.

• We’ve heard the rumor for years. Now, Touch ID behind the display may really be coming in iPhone 13. “Move over, iPhone 12. Apple’s iPhone 13 may feature under-display Touch ID.” Where did this originate? Why Jon Prosser, of course.

• Finally, iOS 14 does a lot for your iPhone’s camera. Fom CNET: “iPhone cameras just got a lot better, thanks to iOS 14. Here’s what changed.

New camera features usually only come out when a new iPhone is released, but Apple has been able to add more camera functions through software updates alone.

That Apple does this is amazing. It all comes by virtue of Computational Photography, so camera updates via software come naturally and frequently.

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