Apple is preparing to launch a set of bundled subscription packages that will include its pay services Apple TV+ and Apple Music.

The bundles, which have been internally labelled Apple One, are expected to launch in October when the new series of iPhones are released. There will also be new and separate upgrades for the iPhone and iPad.

The plan is to encourage more subscriptions to Apple’s services as sales of the iPhone itself begins to slow.

The story was first reported by Bloomberg.

Different tiers will see Apple Music and Apple TV at the lower level, the next price point will add the Apple Arcade gaming service, followed by Apple News, and an additional bundle with extra iCloud stories for documents and photos.

Currently Apple Music costs £9.99 per month, Apple News is another £9.99 and Apple TV £5 per month.

The iPhone and iPad will suggest which subscription tier is most appropriate for the user.

In the United States, CBS All Access and Showtime content will be bundled with Apple TV+ for $9.99 per month, given that it costs $9.99 for CBS All Access, this represents a significant saving.

By moving to a bundled tier Apple is looking to emulate Amazon that has successfully added video and music services to its Prime next day delivery.


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