Radio and podcast powerhouse NPR shared key stats and highlighted noteworthy programming at its virtual NewFronts presentation this afternoon.

The privately and publicly-funded media org comprises 17 international bureaus, 265 member radio stations, and upwards of 100 million viewers across all of its distribution platforms. (It also pointed out the emergence of smart sneakers, like Alexa, as a growing distribution channel). In terms of its radio reach, NPR shared that 98.5% of Americans live within listening range of an NPR radio station — making it a critical resource amid budget cuts at local TV news outlets.

NPR CEO John Lansing also boasted that the company has eight of the top 20 most popular podcasts in America right now, per Podtrac, in terms of unique U.S. monthly downloads.

Noteworthy podcasts highlighted at NPR’s NewFront include: flagship news series Up First (whose median listener age is 34 — relatively young in comparison to NPR’s traditional demo, its hosts pointed out); entertainment-focused Pop Culture Happy Hour; race and culture outlet Code Switch (pictured above); history series Throughline; and Rough Translation, which furnishes an international perspective on the stories of the day.

The company also shed light on National Public Media, its sponsorships subsidiary, which works with brands to craft messaging in NPR’s signature style and tone. One partnership highlighted during its NewFront presentation was a campaign with Chipotle, with whom NPM worked to produce a branded audio vignette series highlighting local farmers across the country whose goods are sourced in Chipotle locations nationwide.

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