Apple TV app comes to Amazon Fire TV

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You can watch Apple on Amazon

Want to watch Apple TV+ but don’t yet have an Apple TV streaming box?

Amazon’s got you covered and has made the Apple TV app available on its Fire TV products, meaning you can watch all your iTunes purchases using Amazon’s stick.

Repeating on all channels

The direction of travel is crystal clear:

Just as you can watch Amazon’s shows on your Apple TV/TV app, you can now watch Apple’s on Amazon.

You can also watch Apple TV apps media on Roku sticks, Samsung televisions and (soon) TVs from other manufacturers LG, Sony and Vizio.

Amazon has made Apple TV available on Fire TV devices across 60 countries.

This means that when Apple launches its Apple TV+ service on November 1 most people who are already watching streaming services will be able to at least sample some of the company’s new home-made TV shows.

Apple will be offering a huge quantity of original content for just $4.99/month, including several shows that may turn out to be highly successful, such as ‘See’. ‘The Morning Show’ or ‘For All Mankind’.

How it works

In a small touch of irony you will be able to use Alexa to control your Apple TV+ shows on your Fire stick, Amazon has said.

The Apple TV app is available today for Fire TV Stick (2nd Gen) and Fire TV Stick 4K, in the U.S., Canada, UK, Germany, France, Spain, India and Italy.

Fire TV Basic Edition customers in over 50 countries (including Australia, Austria, New Zealand, Brazil, Ireland, and Mexico ) will be able to start using the app today.

You can purchase Amazon Fire sticks using the following affiliate link.

c/o Variety.

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Amazon Fire TV Stick now Offers Apple TV App

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Amazon announced today that the Fire TV Stick (2nd gen) and Fire TV Stick 4K now both offer the Apple TV app.

Fire TV Stick

Customers will have access to their entire library with TV shows and movies they’ve bought or rented from Apple. Apple TV+ will also be available for the TV Sticks once the service launches on November 1.

Fire TV Stick (2nd Gen) and Fire TV Stick 4K customers will be able to download the app starting today in the US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and India. Fire TV Basic Edition customers in over 50 countries can also find the Apple TV app in the Amazon Appstore on their Fire TV. The app will be coming soon to Fire TV Cube (1st and 2nd Gen), Fire TV (3rd Gen pendant design), Toshiba and Insignia Fire TV Edition smart TVs, and Nebula sound bar. The Apple TV app is not compatible with Fire TV (1st and 2nd Gen) and Fire TV Stick (1st Gen).

Further Reading:

[Getting Started with Apple TV+]

[Apple Patents Discuss Digital Government ID]


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Another day, another Apple TV+ premier: ‘See’

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Jason says hello

Apple is promoting its soon to air Apple TV+ service with a string of premier events, including an event last night for hotly tipped show, ‘See’.

All aboard the hype-cycle

‘See’ is picking up a lot of interest since Apple first showed clips from the series earlier on this year. Two seasons of the show have cost Apple c. $240 million, Hollywood Reporter claims.

Written and created by Steven Knight and directed by Francis Lawrence, the events in ‘See’ take place in a future world where a deadly virus has destroyed humanity and left the survivors blind – until two sighted twins are born.

Jason Momoa stars as Baba Voss — the father of the twins — who must protect his tribe against a powerful queen who wants the twins destroyed. The show also stars Alfre Woodard as Paris, Voss’s “spiritual leader”.

See cast at premiere

See cast at premiere

Many of the show’s cast and crew are blind or have low vision, and have helped bring the epic story to life. Indeed, the word coming out of the show is that it has managed to build a world that has the potential to generate an interest as great as Game of Thrones, without actually being the same as the other show.

It’s not LIKE Game of Thrones, it just hits a similar spot in terms of creating a credible alternate reality.

But it’s just as epic

Apple vice presidents Jamie Erlicht and Zack van Amburg (who run Apple’s TV+ efforts after being hired from Sony in 2017) told Emmy Magazine:

“Can it be as epic as, say, a Game of Thrones? We answer that question early on with a resounding yes!”.

Apple premiered “See” October 21 at the Regency Village Theater in Westwood, California. The who’s was written and created by Steven Knight and directed by Francis Lawrence.

Beginning November 1, the first three episodes of “See” will be available to watch on Apple TV+ in over 100 countries and regions around the world.

New episodes will continue to roll out weekly, every Friday. (Apple has booked two series, reports claim).

Apple TV+ will launch November 1 in over 100 countries and regions.

It will be available on the Apple TV app on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, iPod touch, Mac and other platforms, including online (, for $4.99 per month with a seven-day free trial.

Customers who purchase any new iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Mac or iPod touch starting September 10, 2019, can enjoy one year of Apple TV+ for free. Beginning November 1, customers can initiate the one-year free offer in the Apple TV app on the device running the latest software.

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tvOS 13: Everything you need to know

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Apple says tvOS 13 will feature updates that sets the standard for home entertainment.

The way you watch TV will change this fall when tvOS 13 is released. According to Apple, the latest update sets the “standard for home entertainment,” offering more personalized features for the most immersive experience yet. When the software launches, it’ll be home to Apple TV+, which is Apple’s new streaming service set to compete with Netflix.

When will tvOS 13 launch?

Apple hasn’t unveiled a release date for tvOS 13, but we’re expecting the software to be available sometime in September.

What Apple TV models support tvOS 13?

According to Apple, tvOS 13 will be available for Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD.

Brand new home screen

Apple recently refreshed the Apple TV app, so it’s redesigning tvOS 13’s home screen to match. Apple says the new home screen is “designed for discovery,” with the biggest change coming in the form of full-screen video previews. That way, users can easily find and enjoy new TV shows, movies, and more.

Apple finally introduces multi-user support

It’s a wonder this feature wasn’t available from the start, but tvOS 13 introduces multi-user support. Now, you can several family members can enjoy a personalized experience. According to Apple, each user will see their unique Up Next list and receive TV and movie recommendations based on their tastes.

All new Control Center

Control Center has become a staple of iOS and macOS, and now it’s available in tvOS. When you swipe over, you’ll have quick access to features like search, what’s playing, and the ability to connect Bluetooth devices. You’ll also see a grid of users on the Apple TV, so you can quickly switch to your experience.

Apple Music gets onscreen lyrics

With Apple Music, users will be able to see lyrics in sync with the song that’s playing. It’s a nice change for families who enjoy partaking in karaoke or simply want to see the lyrics to their favorite songs.

Apple Arcade comes to Apple TV

Apple has always tried to make gaming a big part of the Apple TV, and with tvOS 13, gaming will be an even bigger focus. That’s because Apple Arcade, the upcoming subscription service, is coming to the Apple TV.

More game controller support

Speaking of gaming, tvOS 13 will add support for the Xbox and PlayStation controllers. That’s a big move from Apple, because millions of people around the world already own these controllers. The new support will also make gaming on the Apple TV much easier.

Even better screen savers

The Apple TV will have even more screen savers when tvOS 13 lands. These new screen savers, which were filmed in collaboration with BBC Natural History Unit, will take viewers under the sea to showcase the hidden beauty of planet Earth.

Start watching

Apple TV 4K

If you want to experience tvOS 13, you should pick up the Apple TV 4K, which is offered in 32GB and 64GB configurations. With 4K HDR, Dolby Atmos, and an A10X Fusion chip, it’s the most powerful set-top box Apple offers.

tvOS 13 launches this fall

$179 at Amazon



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What's big about tvOS 13 for Apple TV

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We’re getting a lot of new features, but it’s really all about the content.

Apple today unveiled a ridiculous amount of new stuff at WWDC, its annual developer’s conference. We’ll refer you to iMore for the comprehensive list of what’s new and important.

But we also want to break down what’s coming in the latest version Apple TV software — tvOS 13, as its what most of us here will be interested in.

What is it, and when will I get it?

First things first: tvOS is the software that runs on Apple TV. We’re currently on tvOS 12 — today Apple gave us a preview of tvOS 13. The full release will come later in the fall of 2019.

(Yes, there are developer versions available now. And public betas are coming. But most folks will want to wait.)

Here’s how Apple put it:

The operating system that makes Apple TV 4K the easiest and most personalized entertainment device for enjoying TV shows, movies, music, photos, games and apps on the biggest screen in the home.

Fair enough.

So what’s new?

The first thing Apple touts is a new home screen. And it is, sort of. The way you use it really won’t change all that much. You’ve got the grid of app icons. Select one, and you’ll be watching or playing or controlling — pretty much the same as it’s always been.

Things will look a little different, and that’s fine. But they’ll work mostly the same.

Multi-user support is new, and it’s a big deal

OK. Here’s the thing about this. Apple is really trying to push folks into the new Apple TV app, whether it’s on their iPhone or iPad, or on an Apple TV box. And that’s a big deal for reasons of discovery. You’ll get personalized recommendations, be able to pick up on one device where you left off in another — very cool stuff.

But on a device like Apple TV — which will have, say, Mom watching at one time, and the kids watching at another — you don’t necessarily want everyone to get the same recommendations. What I watch will be (and often is) inappropriate for my 8-year-old. That’s where multi-user support comes in.

There’s a new Control Center in Apple TV that’ll let you switch between family members. So kids get their own recommendations, and parents have theirs.

Think about how Netflix has been doing things for a while, really. It’s a good, important feature to have.

All this multi-user stuff really is about getting you the content you want. Not the content someone else wants. And getting you the content you want most certainly will include the exclusive stuff Apple has coming with Apple TV+.

That, folks, is the ballgame. It’s all about getting you closer to paying Apple for those exclusive shows.

Apple Music gets smarter

If you use Apple Music, you’ll have quicker access to what’s playing, and you’ll get on-screen lyrics while the music is blasting. (Amazon has been doing that for a while already, for what it’s worth.)

If you’re not using Apple Music? Well, Apple wants you to.

Apple Arcade cometh

This is another big deal — if you’re into video games. Apple Arcade will be a subscription service (with a single fee for up to six family members) with access to more than 100 games. You’ll be able to play on all of Apple’s devices — including Apple TV.

Makes sense, right? But the cool new thing is that if you have an Apple TV 4K box you’ll be able to use Xbox and PlayStation game controllers with Apple Arcade on Apple TV 4K.

If you don’t have an Apple TV 4K box, you should get one. It’s the best box for streaming video. Period.

The best

Apple TV 4K

From $179 at Amaozn

Simply the best.

Even if you’re not all-in on the Apple ecosystem, this remains the best streaming box you can buy because of the breadth of features and ease of use.

More screensavers!

This is maybe a small thing, but Apple’s screensavers remain remarkable. And we’re getting new ones in tvOS 13.

Says Apple:

tvOS 13 features the all-new Apple TV app, which brings together different ways to find and watch TV shows and movies into one powerful app. The Apple TV app offers Apple TV channels, personalized recommendations and over 100,000 iTunes movies and TV shows, including the largest collection of 4K HDR titles to browse, buy or rent. This fall, Apple TV+, Apple’s original video subscription service, will be available in the Apple TV app. The Apple TV app is also available on other Apple devices and select third-party platforms.



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How to download and install tvOS 13 on your Apple TV

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Download the latest version of tvOS for your Apple TV.

Apple just unveiled tvOS 13, which introduces a ton of new features for the Apple TV. Besides that, it’s good to keep your Apple TV up to date to keep it running smoothly with the latest features Apple rolls out over time. Here’s how you can update your Apple TV.

How to install tvOS 13 on your Apple TV

  1. On your Mac, go to
  2. Enter your developer username and password to log in.
  3. Click on the blue Download button to the right of tvOS 13 beta configuration profile. Make sure to save the profile to your Desktop.
  4. Install the Apple Configurator app from the Mac App Store.
  5. Connect your Apple TV (4th generation) or Apple TV 4K to AC power.
  6. Connect your Apple TV (4th generation) or Apple TV 4K to the same wireless network as your Mac.
  7. Open Xcode on your Mac. Make sure you’re running the latest version.
  8. Click Window in the Menu bar.
  9. Click Devices and Simulators.
  10. Open Settings on your Apple TV.
  11. Select Remotes and Devices.
  12. Select Remote App and Devices.
  13. In Xcode, select the Apple TV when it appears in the left column under Discovered.
  14. Enter the code that appears on your Apple TV. Xcode will pair with the Apple TV.
  15. Open Apple Configurator on your Mac.
  16. Click on your Apple TV in Apple Configurator.
  17. Drag the tvOS 13 Configuration Profile from your Desktop to the Apple TV icon in Apple Configurator. The Apple TV will be configured for the tvOS 13.


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All the big announcements from Apple's March 25 event

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Apple has made several announcements at its March 25 event. Here are some of the highlights.

Apple was on hand on Monday, March 25, where it announced several new services, including Apples News+, Apple Arcade, and Apple TV+. The company even introduced a new credit card, which customers will be able to access through Apple Wallet.

Here are all the big announcements from Apple’s March 25 event.

Apple News+

Apple is building on the success of its Apple News app and making it a more attractive destination for readers and storytellers. Meet Apple News+

The new subscription service, known as Apple News+, will feature access to over 300 popular magazines and digital publishers. The service will allow subscriber to access current and past issues, as well as individual articles from some of the most popular magazines, including ELLE, National Geographic, GQ, and more.

Apple News+ showcases magazines in richly designed layouts, featuring animated covers, vivid photography and bold typography optimized for iPhone, iPad and Mac. It makes reading articles even more fun, immersive and convenient.

Apple News+ is available today in the US on iOS and Mac for $9.99 per month.

Everything you need to know about Apple News+

Apple TV+

Although we already knew Apple was going to introduce a new streaming service, the company finally took the wraps off AppleTV+, which will feature original TV shows and movies when it launches this fall.

At its event, several of Hollywood’s biggest stars were on hand to talk about the new service, including Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg, and J.J. Abrams. Every one of them will have a new show coming to Apple’s new service.

Apple said TV+ will be offered ad-free and on demand when it becomes available. Unfortunately, no pricing for the video subscription service was shared.

Everything you need to know about Apple TV+

Apple Card

Apple Pay has been a big part of evolving how consumers pay for goods. Now, Apple wants to change how you bank. The company has introduced Apple Card (in partnership with Goldman Sachs), which is designed for a “healthier financial life.”

Apple Card will attempt to stand out by offering no late payment fees, lower interest rates, and better cash back. Apple Card’s Daily Cash feature will give customers back a percentage of every purchase on a user’s Apple Cash card. Buy Apple products and you’ll get even more cash back.

Additionally, Apple Card features 24/7 support through the Messages app and machine learning to help customers better understand their spending. Although the service is primarily digital, users will also get a titanium Apple Card to use where Apple Pay isn’t accepted.

Apple Card will be available this summer.

Everything you need to know about Apple Card

Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade is a new game subscription service that Apple says will feature over 100 new and exclusive games. These games will be available in a special section in the iOS App Store, which subscribers can download for offline play at any time.

According to Apple, the new gaming subscription service is a place where high quality and original games can go without having to compete against free-to-play games, which attract most of the attention in the App Store.

Apple said:

Made by some of the most critically acclaimed game developers in the world, Apple Arcade games will entertain customers with incredibly fun gameplay and immersive stories, while capturing imaginations with original art and music. The service will feature games from Annapurna Interactive, Bossa Studios, Cartoon Network, Finji, Giant Squid, Klei Entertainment, Konami, LEGO, Mistwalker Corporation, SEGA, Snowman, ustwo games and dozens more.

Apple Arcade will be available this fall and be supported on iOS, macOS, and tvOS.

Everything you need to know about Apple Arcade

Update: Apple has announced several new services at its March 25 event. The original story follows below.

Apple might finally unveil its oft-rumored streaming service. The Cupertino company on Monday sent out invites to an event being held on March 25 at 10 a.m. PT, with the tagline, “It’s show time.” You don’t have to read between the lines to figure out what’s in store.

At this point, Apple’s streaming service isn’t much of a secret anymore. In fact, the company is openly developing several high-profile TV shows, movies, and more. The service is expected to do battle with Netflix, which is already well established in the streaming world.

In addition to the introduction of streaming content, Apple is also expected to introduce a news service that people can subscribe to, giving them access to premium content.

Finally, Apple may also introduce an updated 9.7-inch iPad, and possibly revamped AirPods with “Hey Siri” support. It’s been almost a year since Apple introduced the affordable 9.7-inch iPad, which features Apple Pencil support. The company could take this opportunity to introduce faster guts and maybe even a tweaked design.

As for the new AirPods, rumors of a second generation model have persisted for several months now. The revamped version is expected to feature “Hey Siri” support, improved water and dust resistance, and wireless charging.

Stayed tuned for full coverage of the event on March 25.

Read more on what to expect from Apple’s March 25 event at iMore!



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How to use Apple TV screensavers on Android TV

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Aerial Dream on Android TV. (Download for free from Google Play.)

If these look a little … familiar … that’s because they are.

If there’s one thing I love about Apple TV, it’s the “Aerial” screensavers. The slow flyovers of some of the greatest places on Earth — and, soon, of Earth itself — are almost as much fun to watch as anything else you’ll find in 2018. They’re beautiful. They show you parts of the world you might otherwise have never seen. They’re almost a reason to buy an Apple TV in and of itself.

And the default “backdrop” screensaver on Android TV (and specifically the Shield TV, which is the only one we currently recommend) is pretty good, too. You get some great pictures of great places throughout the world. But it’s just not the same.

But it’s possible to get Apple’s Aerial screensavers on Android TV (and other Android devices, for that matter), thanks to the free Aerial Dream app.

In a nutshell, the developer says it uses the openly available files from Apple’s Aerial screensaver. You’ll install the app, and set the system screensaver to Aerial Dream, and you’re done. They’re not tiny files, but still not huge — below 200MB, the dev says. But you’ll still want to take that into consideration as it downloads new videos.

You’ve got some options here, too. You can choose weather to show a clock and the location of the current screensaver. You can choose whether to view them randomly, or according to your local time, or whether you want to only see daytime or nighttime videos. You also can choose whether to cache the videos or not.

And that’s it. It’s a simple app that goes a long way to making the Android TV experience that much better.

By the way, you can do this for your computer screensaver, too.



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