10 best video streaming applications for android

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With smartphone giants launching high-end devices having an HD display, streaming videos on Android devices is currently on the rise. Popular streaming services like Netflix or YouTube are also working hard enough to optimize their apps or websites for people who watch their content on mobile. In this article, we shall discuss the top 10 video streaming apps and websites. Some of them are paid, while others are free.


Talking about streaming apps where you can watch movies and tv shows, the first one that comes to our mind is Netflix. With millions of users worldwide, it is a one of a kind app which you can watch both in your desktop, Android TV as well as download the app on your Android smartphone. The contents of Netflix varies across different countries and the best thing is, apart from watching popular movies and TV shows, Netflix also has its in-house contents, termed as Netflix originals. And trust us, 500 million downloads prove that Netflix is capable of what it claims.

Amazon Prime

If you subscribe to Amazon for Prime membership, not only you will get the advantages of a prime customer like free delivery or one-day delivery, but also, you will get access to Amazon Prime streaming service. It hosts over hundreds of popular movies and TV shows. All the contents are properly organized by genre, language, and other categories. And yes, just like Netflix, Prime also has in-house contents which vary based on your geolocations. Although they do not have such a huge collection as Netflix, yet, based on the amount they charge from customers, the content is quite decent.


Yes, the first streaming service in internet history. What started with a simple cat video is now a website as well as an app where you can access millions of videos, movies as well as music. Moreover, if you subscribe to YouTube Red, you will have access to some of YouTube’s original production. Like The Karate Kid series. You can also watch movies on YouTube, some of which are free, while others are paid.


If you are a fan of Games of Thrones and Chernobyl, you obviously have used or heard about HBO Go. It is a popular streaming application which you can download at the play store. It hosts quite an impressive collection of Hollywood chartbusters along with all of HBO’s original productions. However, there is a small drawback. You need to subscribe to HBO via your cable operator. While signing up in the application, you need to enter the cable operator details. Only then, you will be allowed to access and enjoy its contents.

Hulu Plus

Just like the apps listed above, Hulu Plus is another popular streaming application. If you are a Marvel fan, you will find some of your favorites like Runaways, Cloak, and Dagger, etc on Hulu Plus. The app is free to download but in order to view the contents, you will be required to pay a monthly subscription charge of $7.99. Also, it’s not like you have to pay the amount without trying out the app. For first time users, there is a trial period of 7 days. We are pretty sure, within that time, you will be assured that the app is worth investing.

Movies Anywhere

This is not exactly an individual organization that owns streaming rights to specific movies or TV series. This app hosts a collection of content from popular streaming services. You will have contents from Amazon Video, iTunes, Google Play movies and many other streaming networks. Although you will be required to pay for premium contents, the best part of using this app is, you can manage all your library under a unified platform. You don’t need to open individual apps to access different content. However, in future updates, we will wait for features like 4k movies. For features like this, you have no choice but to open the official apps whose contents you are streaming.

Sony Crackle

A product of Sony Entertainment, Sony Crackle is another application which you can download for free at Google Play Store. You can find a huge collection of movies in this app, including the ones coming from Sony Pictures. Just like the previous ones, this app also allows you to download offline content. So that you can watch them later, even without internet connectivity. The app has a nice and smooth interface and can load and stream HD videos quickly under moderate internet connectivity. The best part is that Crackle’s service is completely free. The streaming service is entirely supported by ads and usually, the movies that you watch will have an ad break for a few minutes.


This is another free video streaming application available at play store having a download count of more than 10 million. It showcases some really popular Hollywood classics which can rarely be found anywhere else. You can watch whatever you like without the need for signing up. If you have a Smart TV, Xbox or any other casting option, you can use this app on your large television screen as well. And since all the movies are available in HD, resolution won’t be an issue.


If you regularly watch YouTube, you may consider trying out Vimeo. It is a popular video streaming site which introduced HD video streaming for the first time in internet history. Although most of its contents are published by users, Vimeo’s focus always has been on publishing high-quality videos. It also publishes 360-degree videos which you can watch using your VR device.


We have already discussed YouTube. It will be a sin to leave out its competitor. Dailymotion is another streaming service which went live after YouTube was launched. At present, Dailymotion showcases millions of videos which are uploaded by both amateurs as well as professional vloggers. All videos are organized categorically, which a special focus is given on trending videos and current hot topics. The algorithm of this site is similar to YouTube. The recommended videos get personalized with the content that you watch.

Although YouTube and Netflix top the list, apart from the apps and sites we listed above, there are hundreds of websites and applications where you can browse your favorite video content like Hotstar APK for Android which is a paid streaming service. Let us know which one you found best to be added in your list of favorites.


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What is IPTV & How Does It Work – Legal or Illegal (Explained)

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IPTV stands for Internet Protocol TV. Quick Meaning: Using TV channels via internet. Now a days IPTV industry is growing very fast. According to a recent review, there was a 22% grow in last year in IPTV business by users and providers.

You’ll GET In this page:

  • What is IPTV?
  • How does it work?
  • Is IPTV illegal?
  • How much an IPTV Subscription cost?
  • What is IPTV Reseller
  • What is IPTV Subscription
  • What is IPTV Server
  • What is IPTV Set Top Box?
  • What is M3U & How to Use

What is IPTV?

Quick answer: IPTV is watching TV via internt, like online streamings. There are many IPTV Providers online, selling playlists. They sell worldwide list of channels around 7000+ to 12000.

IPTV stands for Internet Protocol TV, using TV channels via internet is actually called IPTV. This an alternative way of watching TV anywhere via your internet connection. The IPTV channels can be watched on almost any entertainment device.

IPTV - Internet Protocol TV (Explained)

Nowadays IPTV providers are selling subscriptions with a huge list of IPTV channels around 3000 to 12000. Looks really impressive and unbelievable.

According to our recent test, 80% of the LiveTV channels in IPTV worked perfect. There are more many things in IPTV like: VOD, Catch up Service & EPG. Lets let know what these services are:

IPTV VOD/MOD (Video On Demand, Movies On Demand):

The providers are also offering a big list of VOD and MOD, that include the Drama series, Movies series and latest and old Films. These service are greatly liked by the users.

The provider almost every day upload new VODs and MODs to their server and let them available for their new and old customers.

IPTV Catchup:

This is another amazing service being offered in IPTV. With this service, you can have the recording on any channel as long as 14 days. Many providers are offering for 7 days but fewer offering for 14 days.

With this iptv recording system, when you’re watching a show and need to go anywhere during the show, just click on record it and it will keep recording it. When you’re back. Just chek it out. The files will remain for 7 days or 14 days (depends on provider). So now you’re not gonna miss out any show.

EPG (Electronic Program Guide):

There is another great service in IPTV is called EPG stands for Electronic Program Guide. With this feature, you can see the information about a channel’s current program and next program with details.

Like currently the “Example Show” is Live and will be ending at 5.30PM. Next Program is “Example Program 2” etc etc. There you can get the list of many future programs. Some of the best iptv providers are offering these service on all their Live TV channels.

The things are rocking. So, now you can schedule your day by using EPG system with IPTV service.

How Does it work?

Quick answer: IPTV channels can be watched on many devices now like Using VLC on PC, Android Box, Enigma 2, Dreambox, IPTV on Android, MAG devices, Receivers, Mobiles, Smart TVs including Samsung & LG and many more.

Here is a list of Best IPTV Box :

Watching IPTV Channels On PC Using VLC Player:

On your PC, install VLC Media Player. Now you must have an iptv playlist, the working one. You can get one online from open sources. The playlist must be an m3u file/link, read more.

The most important things we got for this. Let’s start.

Click on the provided m3u link and it will download a file of .m3u extension. The files/urls inside will be .ts.

Now Open downloaded m3u file with VLC Media Player. It will instantly play the 1st number channel sorted by the provider. To get IPTV channels on VLC click CTRL+D and there you go with all provided channels list including VODs.

Watching iPTV channels On Android Box (IPTV Box):

There are many types of Android boxes now a days, available with some pre-installed IPTV apps to the box like STB App or IPTV App. We’ll now answer the question; How does an IPTV Box work?

Lets say you bought and Android IPTV Box, that is available with many pre-installed apps. But we’ll install our own desired app and start watching Live TV channels on it.

Go to our best iptv apps page, download IPTV App or IPTV Smarters > Install and open it. Its now asking us to add IPTV Playlist to it via M3U Playlist URL or M3U File. You can choose any of the method as we already got m3u link from provider and clicking on it downloaded the file too.

Let’s go for choosing by URL and clicked on OK. It will import the available allowed channels list and show us. Simple click on any link and now it will ask us to choose external player. The app must require an external IPTV player like VLC or MX Player, so install one of them and choose that.

It will start loading the channel and here you start watching the Live TV channel with IPTV Android App. Press back and choose any other channel. The app also support EPG and Catchup option.

Watching IPTV On Enigma 2/Zgemma/DM:

The devices Enigma 2 and Zgemma both comes with Linux operating system. As we all know now, we must have a working playlist URL but this time it must be a URL with script and .sh extension. You can ask provider to send that file/URL.

Now you must install/Configure/Setup IPTV Playlist with these E2 Boxes using Putty. This video tutorial will help you more and read detailed guide here.

 Watching IPTV On MAG/STB/DreamLink T2:

These apps are pretty cool and having almost same structure. These are very easy apps for IPTV, supporting all new features. Let’s start with it.

For STB/MAG/DL T2 we don’t need m3u link. Here is another story. On your IPTV MAG Box back side, you’ll see a unique mac address of the box is provided there. Send that to provider and he’ll unlock it for you. With this he’ll also provide you their server’s Portal URL.

Add that URL to your box’s Portal URL > Add it and restart Portal URL. After doing this it will show you a window showing loading channels. It will show a list of allowed channels to you and now you can play any channel. Click on channel logo or name and it will start running.

Watching IPTV channels On Smart TV:

This another most liked app by users. The Smart TV by Samsung and LG comes with a pre-installed app called “Smart IPTV / SIPTV).

Get m3u or txt playlist from your provider and visit SIPTV Playlist Uploader. When you’ll visit the site, you must have working playlist url and mac address of the TV.

The website will ask you to add the mac address of the TV and URL or file of playlist. Add these details and click on upload. After this you’ll get a message “1 URL added! Restart the App” That’s all. Now restart the App and Enjoy watching TV channels. Here you go with Video Tutorial:

These were few best and most using IPTV Box and IPTV Apps.

Is IPTV Legal?

Quick Answer: Yes, IPTV System itself isn’t illegal. If the streams are authorized by seller (IPTV providers), then its 100% legal. If he’s selling without authorization, its fully illegal and average of providers are selling without any authorization. Even UK’s all ISP are blocking IPTV IPs.

The systems aren’t illegal, using them in wrong way is illegal. IPTV itself isn’t illegal. Even using the system with authorized permissions or a licensed content is legal like Sling TV and Netflix are 100% legal.

But today 90% of the IPTV Providers are using IPTV system to sell un authorized / unlicensed content. Its like using some’s YouTube video on your channel is illegal or against the policies. Same here.

Another example:

A legal TV channels provider with D2H in UK is Sky PLC Limited. They do not allow anyone to re-sale or re-use SKY CHANNELS anywhere. But the IPTV providers provide you these channels without their authorization or allowance. This thing make IPTV illegal.

So we can say. using an IPTV Subscription is illegal.

How much an IPTV Subscription cost?

There are different iptv plans by providers. Normally the price of iptv channels is 5$ to 20$. Every iptv provider having own iptv pricing,  read a detailed article on IPTV Subscriptions:

The main points we need to cover when choosing an IPTV provider.

First of all get a free trial from provider and check how fast you’re replied. The main thing in this field is Support and secondly service. So to test their support. In active IPTV trial duration, reply to their email and ask for device support or anything related to their service and check how fast and best they’re supporting you.

The second thing is to try their IPTV Service. If you wanna choose 95% best iptv provider, remember to get trial when any match is LIVE and watch that match for sometime and see how great the channels work. The 80% providers fail here. And the support can also be tested here, if channel making issues contact them to fix and how fast they responded and fixed the issue.

What is IPTV Reseller & How does it work?

Quick answer: IPTV Re-Seller, clearly means is re selling the service. There an option for new IPTV business users of IPTV Reseller solution. With this system you can sell, delete, rename, block, check statics and much more control to the user.

The reseller is an affiliate system but very profitable. Selling IPTV subscriptions from the main provider with some commission is called re-selling of IPTV.  There is more profit than others. Like 1 Month IPTV is being sold by everyone normally around 8 to 14$ and for the Reseller available for 4$.

So if Reseller sale IPTV subscription of 1 Month in 8$, he’s still getting 4$ profit. This really amazing deal.

There is a complete Reseller solution made by Xtream-Codes. The reseller panel can be purchased from any IPTV provider, selling best services with cheap prices. Read more deails about IPTV Reseller >

What is IPTV Server & How does it work?

Quick Answer: IPTV Server is the name of complete solution of IPTV including IPTV Panel + IPTV Streams + Servers. The complete setup of IPTV is actually called IPTV Server. Let’s say Maria is an IPTV provider, can also say she’s the owner of IPTV Server.

So, the complete running IPTV solution is actually and IPTV server. Finding an IPTV Subscription online, users also search for IPTV server. Because they wanna buy that service from main iptv server provider not from a RESELLER.

What is IPTV Set Top Box & How does it work?

IPTV Set Top Box Or IPTV Box is a device comes with pre-installed IPTV Apps Like IPTV, Perfect Player, STB. See most popular boxes here.

IPTV Box | Android IPTV Box | IPTV Set Top Box

Quick answer: Let’s say you bought an Android IPTV Box (Its set-top-box). It will come with a pre-installed IPTV software, it can be any software. These mostly pre configured, means IPTV already installed on that. Just use. If there is no IPTV installed, you must need to buy it.

Another IPTV Box is called MAG Device. It comes with best system called STB. The software is very easy to use and great performance. To have its subscription just send device mac address to provider and use their Portal URL. It will give you all info about your IPTV subscription like when started and expiry date.

What is M3U & How to Use?

M3U is the most common and popular format and supported by almost 80% IPTV applications. This file format is available in 2 methods by IPTV providers.

  • M3U
  • M3U with options

Quick answer: Simple m3u link, loads the big list of channels without any category or countrywide setting. It looks wired. No one likes a BIG list of IPTV channels without any sort. So this type of file isn’t much used by providers and users.

M3U with options comes with fully customize able and categorized playlist. Adding m3u plus file to any IPTV app which support categorizing of channels like Kodi, IPTV and SIPTV. This looks very professional and great. Everyone like to have this type of playlist and wanna use the app support it.

The extension of M3U and M3U with option file is remains same .m3u but the data inside the file is changed.

Bonus TIP: Open m3u file with notepad > remove all unwanted channels > save and use , read more

Hope you liked our guide about IPTV (Internet Protocol TV) and it helped you. Please comment down bellow if you wanna know some more, have some suggestions or complaints. Thanks for reading us.

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Best IPTV Box List

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Top 10 Best IPTV Box for IPTV 2020 [Updated]:

What is IPTV Box? The IPTV Box or IPTV Set Top Box also called cable box and TV Box is an external device which is plugged to TV or LCD and it will show you shows and TV channels using signals from satellites or online streaming via IPTV (Internet Protocol TV). Now there are various types of the IPTV Box in market and many brands/their models like Android TV Box, Kodi Box, MAG Box, Dreambox, Enigma 2, Dreamlink and many more. Some of them are user friendly and easily can be used by any IPTV user and some are for advanced users with advanced features. We have listed out some most easy and advance IPTV Boxes which are available in reasonable/cheap prices in 2020.

Best IPTV Box choice with cheap prices and good reviews, Now a days. Every IPTV Service Lover need to watch these TV channels on their TVs. How is it possible so? We’re covering this with providing you the list of To 10 IPTV Boxes with their features and prices. Best Android TV Box, Best MAG Box, Best Dreambox and Enigma 2 Boxes are covered in this page. If you don’t even know what is IPTV, go here. We have the great list of IPTV Box reviews and also mentioned the cheap pricing. The smart tv’s comes with pre installed STB and SIPTV App, so no need to install external apps there.

There are many IPTV Boxes being provided by companies with some pre-installed iptv apps. And some comes with the stores, so you can find out a BIG list of available IPTV Apps and choose the right one. You can find iptv subscription from any iptv provider or reseller on the web. Sling and Netflix are best legal providers to be reviewed with free boxes and deals.

After reviewing the whole market of Best IPTV boxes , we found some most popular and easiest iptv boxes which are really perfect.


List of most great IPTV Boxes at All in 2020:

1Android Box/Kodi BoxFire TV Stick and MXQ Pro 4K S905W
2MAGMAG 424/ MAG 322/322W
3Enigma 2Dreambox HD
4DreamboxDreambox HD


Best Android TV Box with good reviews in 2020 is bellow. These are the most popular IPTV Boxes being sold in IPTV Marketplace. In these boxes to stay more secure a VPN can also be used. There are many IPTV Apps/Boxes available in the market that run with Android operating system (OS), mostly work with an m3u link/file. These all boxes are called Android Boxes. Let’s have a look at Top Android IPTV Boxes.

Best Android TV Boxes for IPTV in 2020:

1MXQ Pro 4K S905W
2T95Z Smart Android TV Box
3Mi Box Android TV
5Dreamlink t2 Formuler Z7+ & Zx


Kodi is basically an App, a very successful app. This software is an entertainment software, a player which comes with a mini OS, having many add-ons options.

Kodi box, iptv kodi, kodi android box, kodi iptv box

The software is available for Android OS, so it’s installed on the device which own an Android Operating system. Have a look on Top Kodi Boxes.

Here is a list of best Kodi Boxes in 2020:

1MXQ Pro 4K S905W
2T95Z Smart Android TV Box

MXQ Pro 4K S905W:

This box is fully compatible with IPTV Smarters Pro app. The box comes with Android OS, The Smarters app isn’t pre-installed, you need to download from Playstore and install on your box. The device comes with Android 7.1 Version. So no worries about slowness of the device and functions. There are few Kodi addons which are bit heavy so this box can deal them easily. The box comes with MXQ IPTV BOX, REMOTE, HDMI CABLE and POWER ADAPTERMQX Pro 4K reviews are also good, you can checkout by visiting the buy now button.

Buy MXQ Pro 4K S905W

T95Z Smart Android TV Box:

This is another Android Box, that comes with latest Android OS support. The device can be used for heavy software installs. The KODI application for this box is perfect. This IPTV box can handle this app perfectly. You can install Kodi from Playstore or manually install Kodi APK from their official site. Box also comes with Remote control, HDMI cable and Power Adapter. T95Z Smart Android TV Box reviews can be read on by now website.

Buy NOW MXQ Pro 4K S905W

STB Android Box:

StbEmu is an Android app, which is really very easy. The user who like the simple things, he must use STBEmu software. The software can be installed from Playstore on any Android box.

stb box, stb emu box, stbemu, stb emulator pro

Few of them working perfectly with this app are mentioned bellow. Have a look on Top STB Boxes.

Here is a list of best STB Boxes for IPTV in 2020:

1Mi Box Android TV
3Dreamlink t2 Formuler Z7+ & Zx

Mi Box Android TV:

This box is fully compatible with STBEmu software’s latest version. The software don’t make issues while installing the software or playing Live streaming TV channels. The box has the latest OS of Android, so you can easily install the updated version of the application. This app only require a Portal URL provided from IPTV Provider and enjoy watching personalized TV channels on your TV. Mi BOX Android TV reviews can be viewed after clicking on Buy.

Mi Box Android TV


This is another streaming media device. This Android IPTV Box is high rated by IPTV users. The software is officially being sold on many online stores and also on their official store. The Box is available with many versions ( check on official site) and choose the right one. The box comes with Box, Remote, Controller, Power Adapter and a charging cable for controller.  Its the perfect choice can be used with any IPTV app including Kodi and STBEmu. Nvidia Shield box reviews can be read on buy now website.


Dreamlink t2 Formuler Z7+ & Zx:

This is another device, compatible with STBEmu software. The box comes with user manual and a remote control. This box is 4.7 rated out of 5. So looks perfect right! Yeah. So ordering this IPTV Box is also another smart choice for the TV LOVERS. I can easily handle these apps like YouTube TV, Hulu, Sling TV, and PlayStation Vue give you access to live TV and sports without the mess and stress of a cable box. Dreamlink t2 reviews can be read on BestBuy site.

Buy Dreamlink t2 Formuler Z7+ & Zx


Best MAG IPTV Box with great reviews and cheap prices are listed bellow: MAG is the name of all these boxes, comes with pre-installed STBEmu type software. The software is built with Linux Operating System. The software also require only Portal URL & Name.

List of best MAG Boxes for IPTV in 2020:

1MAG 424
2MAG 322/323/322W
3MAG 256
4MAG 254
5MAG 250

MAG IPTV Box, MAG 254, MAG 250, MAG 256, MAG 322, MAG Emulator, MAG IPTV Review

The both things are provided by IPTV provider. The link (Portal URL) must be used of provider but any name can be used. The application and box itself are very easy to peoples like them too much.



MAG 322/323 IPTV Box:

The MAG 322/323 IPTV/OTT box is very easy by latest STB software pre-installed officially offered by infomir. The software is very great to handle very BIG lists of channels and VOD/MOD so, this isn’t gonna mess with system. So no worries about hanging up of channels, freezing (due to box) and other issues. The box comes with Set Top Box, USB Wifi Adapter, User manual, HDMI cable, Power adapter 12V 1A, Remote control, 2 AAA batteries and packaging. MAG 322/323 reviews can be read after going to Buy Now button.

Buy MAG 322 From Ebay

Buy MAG 322 From Official Site

MAG 250:

MAG 250 is another pre-installed STB application. This box is good rated on marketplace. The software having great specifications like RAM: 256 Мб, Processor: STi7105 and Flash memory: 256 Mb. There is only 1 pre-installed STB app is available. The box has been now older version in all MAG devices but still work VIP. You’ll not allowed to install another software on this box. Still the pre-installer software is best for IPTV. MAG 250 reviews can be red on going on the site where you’ll buy this product.

Buy MAG 250 From Ebay

Buy MAG 250 From Official Site

MAG 254:

MAG 254 IPTV/OTT Set Top Box is an upgrade version of MAG 250. This IPTV Box comes with more specifications and power to control and handle high traffic of multi-media streaming and offline music/movies. So purchasing this box is good than 250. It includes MAG254 Set-Top Box, User manualMini Jack Cable to RCA (A/V), Power Adapter 5V 2A, Remote control and Retail box. You can read MAG 254 reviews on Amazon site.

Buy MAG 254 From Amazon

Buy MAG 254 From Official Site

MAG 256:

Its another most sold and being used IPTV/OTT Set Top Box. The device comes with pre-installed STB system. So everything same in all MAG except some upgrades and downgrade. This is the updated version of MAG 250 and MAG 254. Choosing this one except MAg 250 and MAG 254 is smart choice. It includes MAG256 Set-Top Box, User manualMini Jack Cable to RCA (A/V), Power Adapter 5V 2A, Remote control and Retail box. MAG 256 reviews can be read on Amazon site.

Buy MAG 254 From Amazon

Buy MAG 256/257 From Official Site

Best Enigma 2 Box:

Best Enigma 2 Box with great price, link to purchase is available bellow: This box a type of satellite iptv receivers. This is also called, Vu+/Zgemma. The box is most used by both satellite TV and IPTV users + the performance of the box is really awesome.

This is a Linux based IPTV box. The play list adding of the box is done via putty, which is mostly used on Linux OS. The receiver isn’t too difficult to understand or installing. Pls read Enigma 2 reviews on Ebay.

Buy Enigma 2 On Ebay

Best Dreambox IPTV Box:

Best Dreambox IPTV Box with great reviews and good quality and cheap prices are available bellow: This is another satellite TV set top box. The box is best for both satellite TV users and IPTV users. This also made with Linux operating system.

dreambox iptv, dreambox review, dreambox iptv receiver

There are many versions of the box, some support .userbouquets file and the latest ones support .sh script file which is installed with putty same like Enigma 2. Dreambox reviews can be collected from Ebay site.

Buy Dreambox on Ebay


The IPTV Box We just covered the information, best reviews and prices about Top Best IPTV Box with great prices in 2020. These were some most popular IPTV Boxes/Receivers you can use to watch streaming media like Internet Protocol TV (IPTV). If you live in village area, choosing a best satellite receiver will be perfect, otherwise IPTV Boxes are best listed above. Thanks for reading.

Please comment down, if you have any question, suggestion or complaint. Thanks again.

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