Christmas Amazon Channel Sale: British TV Favourites, Half-Off

Back in July, Amazon ran a channel sale for Prime Day – and they did it again during Black Friday weekend (with a few changes to the selections offered). Now, they’re offering the sale a third time for those who may have missed it previously. Below, we’ve included the full list of channels on sale, along with our recommendations for British TV fans. Happy watching!

Important note: The sale runs through January 1st


Christmas Amazon Channel Sale

If you’ve been waiting to try out some of the channels over at Amazon, now’s the time. They’re currently having a half-off sale on a number of channels. It’s not half-off forever, but you’ll get the reduced price for the first three months of your subscription.It’s worth noting these deals are only for new subscribers.

I’ve included all the channels below, but after that I’ll talk you through the ones that might be of interest to British TV fans.


PBS Masterpiece 

This is the other huge win on this list. In recent years, a number of hit British shows have worked their way onto the PBS Masterpiece channel (and away from more mainstream services like regular Prime Video or Netflix). If you enjoy dramas – particularly period dramas – this is a fantastic subscription to pick up during this limited-time deal. If you’re not caught up on Endeavour and Grantchester, you’ll be able to see the latest seasons with a PBS Masterpiece subscription.

Get it HERE

PBS Living

As much as I hate it when a single network breaks apart their offerings and makes you subscribe to two separate things, I can forgive this one because it’s PBS. While PBS Masterpiece focuses on scripted, mostly dramatic programming, PBS Living is all about the documentary and lifestyle programming. Here, you’ll find classics like the Great British Baking Show, History Detectives, Travel Detective, and This Old House. Most of the content is American, but there are some fantastic European (including British) travel shows and the quality overall is quite high. 

Get it HERE

Smithsonian Channel+ 

Don’t let the name fool you, there’s quite a bit of good content on this one. For Anglophiles, we recommend Aerial Britain, Apocalypse: The Second World War, Europe in Chaos, Inside Buckingham Palace, Inside Windsor Castle, Sacred Sites: Ireland, Million Dollar American Princesses: Meghan Markle, The King’s Skeleton: Richard III Revealed, Aerial Ireland, Stonehenge Empire, World War II: Final Days, Britain in Colour, David Attenborough’s Conquest of the Skies, and Flying Monsters with David Attenborough. We’ve no doubt missed some good ones, but that should get you started. 

Sundance Now

We’ve talked about British shows on Sundance Now before, as they have quite a few great British shows and a good number of Australian ones, too. If you want to watch The Split, McMafia, Riviera, or A Discovery of Witches, this is the service you’ll want. While most of their content is American, it’s also a great source of documentaries and indie/artsy films if you enjoy those. While it’s not necessarily worth an “all the time” subscription for most British TV fans, it can be a great value if you also appreciate the non-British content.

Get it HERE


While Starz is far from exclusively British, they do have some shows that are very popular among British TV fans (though not necessarily British productions in all cases). Outlander, Dublin Murders, The Spanish Princess, Black Sails, and The White Queen are all available on Starz.

Get it HERE


Showtime isn’t the best channel for British TV, but they definitely have a few shows worth watching. If you pick up a Showtime subscription, check out Back to Life, Patrick Melrose, The Tudors, Secret Diary of a Call Girl, and Penny Dreadful.

What’s Your Favourite British TV Channel from the Sale?

For us, it’s BritBox – though since we’ve already subscribed to BritBox via Amazon, we’re not eligible for the deal. At the sale price, however, virtually any of the channels are worth it for one or two good winter months of binge-watching. 

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Call the Midwife Christmas Special: Air Date & Where to Watch

Call the Midwife heads to Scotland in the Christmas special

Put on the kettle and grab your Kleenex box, there’s loads of new Call the Midwife on the way! Fans of the series will be deleted to know there’s a LOT more Call the Midwife ahead, starting with this week’s Christmas special. After that, we can look forward to Season 9 in January – and at least two more seasons in the following years.


Air Date & Where to Watch the Call the Midwife Christmas Special

Call the Midwife will release its Christmas special on December 25th. The 90-minute special will air at 7pm on BBC One in the UK. In the US, it will be 9pm Eastern/8pm Central on PBS. We’re fairly sure all the PBS stations will be carrying this one, but we recommend double-checking your local listings just in case. 

Traditionally, Call the Midwife has aired on Netflix in the US, but in the last year or so, the BBC has been gradually removing their titles from the service as contracts expire. We’ve not seen official word on whether we’ll see any new Call the Midwife episodes on Netflix, or whether they’ll be migrating over to BritBox. Either way, the series has traditionally had a bit of a delay before hitting Netflix, so your best bet for now is to check out your local PBS station.

Amazon has also made the series available for purchase up through Season 8, so buying episodes there may be another option in the near future. The Christmas special isn’t there yet, of course, but it will be worth checking if you’re having trouble locating it.


What’s Happening in the Call the Midwife Christmas Special?

Call the Midwife gets festive in their latest Christmas special

In this year’s Call the Midwife Christmas special, we’ll see the midwives heading to Scotland – specifically, the remote Outer Hebrides islands. The residents there are desperately in need of nurses and midwives, and conditions are less than ideal. Access to water and electricity are limited, so delivering the best quality of care is a challenge. 

Executive producer Pippa Harris said, 

I think the Christmas episode is a real treat this year, in the past, we’ve normally stayed in Poplar and once ventured further afield when we went to South Africa but this time, we’ve gone to the Outer Hebrides which I think is extraordinary. It’s an extraordinary backdrop and the cast really relish this new opportunity for them to do good in a different part of the UK.

After helping out in Scotland, the midwives return to Poplar just in time for Christmas festivities. You can watch the Christmas special’s preview clip below.



How Did Cast Members Feel About Filming in Scotland?

The Call the Midwife Christmas Special filmed on location in the Outer Hebrides

Given the unusual (but wonderful) filming location in the Outer Hebrides islands of Scotland, cast and crew members had a lot to say about filming the special. Below, we share some of our favourite comments from the team behind the series.

Heidi Thomas: Creator, Writer, & Executive Producer

It was so magical filming the Christmas episode in the Outer Hebrides, it was possibly the most beautiful place I’ve ever been in my life.

“The best thing about filming the Christmas special for me was, very unusually I stayed in the same hotel as the actors, there was the cast and myself in this rather amazing castle, it was just us at breakfast every morning and it was just us at dinner every night. It was like a thriller, I kept thinking it really was like a PD James.


Another scene from the Outer Hebrides – a hint at what we might be seeing in the Christmas special

Helen George: Nurse Trixie Franklin

Filming in the Outer Hebrides was pretty interesting. The scenery is so cinematic, I think we captured some really beautiful moments. We’d go to work, and, on our way, we’d see loads of deer and eagles and that was just everyday by the end of filming. It was the most amazing place, the people were wonderful, and I think it’s a really interesting surrounding for us because South Africa was so warm, this was a completely different background for us.

Check out Helen George in Season 12, Episode 5 of Red Dwarf.


Jenny Agutter: Sister Julienne

Jenny Agutter plays Sister Julienne

We had a lot of fun filming the Christmas episode in the Outer Hebrides. We were there in April and it was very cold, but absolutely stunning – what an extraordinary place. There’s something very special about being away on location, it just brings everybody together, despite the cold, it was a very good atmosphere – everybody works very closely. We fought the winds and the rains and went to some strange and wonderful locations.

The storyline itself has a very magical quality about it, it’s quite different from anything we’ve ever done, it’s very imaginative, it’s also very honest and real but it’s dealing with a completely different community, it’s dealing with a different move for Nonnatus House and the nuns there, although they leave Sister Monica Joan behind because it would be too difficult for her to do that as well.

Check out Jenny Agutter in Walkabout and The Railway Children.


Miriam Margoyles: Mother Mildred

Miriam Margoyles as Mother Mildred in Call the Midwife

It is the most beautiful place I’ve ever been to and possibly the coldest. We were there in April, but it felt like January! The beauty of the people and the beauty of the place was fantastic. We saw the standing stones and the old churches, and we stayed in a castle, so we really had the full experience there.

Staying in the castle was all about the gin! I like gin, it’s the only drink I really enjoy, and they make a delicious gin on the island and we drank a considerable amount of it – whether we were nuns or not! My father was born in the Gorbals in Glasgow so whenever I go to Scotland, I feel as if I’m going home but I’d never been to the Outer Hebrides before.

I think the Outer Hebrides would be a wonderful place to have Christmas because there is a simplicity and warmth about the people, that for me is what Christmas should always be about, being kind – and they were.

Check out Miriam Margoyles in Ladies in Lavender, Bucket, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, and Take a Letter Mr. Jones.


St. Clement’s Church on the Isle of Harris – another typical Outer Hebrides scene

Stephen McGann: Dr. Turner

Stephen McGann plays Dr. Turner

Making a Christmas special away from our normal Nonnatus House, even for a part of it is an experience that we’ve had before, when we went all the way to Africa. But this is very special, it’s part of our own nation but it’s a very different part to the experience that most people usually get and for our cast and our characters, they are thrown into the wilderness, with what happens to them at Christmas.

The really interesting thing about when you go to a dreamworld like the Outer Hebrides is that it can make you think about where your life is going. I think for the Turners, there’s a lot of that at Christmas, it gives them the time and the peace to think, so there are interesting challenges there at Christmas which was great to play.

Check out Stephen McGann in Emmerdale and The Hanging Gale.


Laura Main: Shelagh Turner

Laura Main plays Shelagh Turner

I’m from Aberdeen, the East coast and we’re way out West in the Outer Hebrides. It’s so beautiful and it was a bit of a culture shock coming back to London. I couldn’t get over the buildings and the people, it really suited me actually, I really liked being in the Hebrides, it didn’t suit everybody, some people found it too remote, but I think most of us fell in love with it. The beaches that you find are out of this world. We film at one which is known as one of them most beautiful beaches in the world, it’s really stunning.

Check out Laura Main in The Mill and Murder City.


Will You Be Watching the Call the Midwife Christmas Special in 2019?

Will you be tuning in to the Call the Midwife 2019 Christmas special this Christmas? Or will you be saving it for a longer binge-watching session when Season 9 drops in early 2020? Or have you given up on the series entirely? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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Father Brown Season 8 Release Date & Where to Watch

Father Brown Season 8 Premieres Soon
Father Brown Season 8 Premieres Soon

If you’ve been eagerly awaiting the release of Season 8 of Father Brown, you’re in luck. We can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. BBC Studios has announced a 2020 premiere date for the new season.

When Does Season 8 of Father Brown Air, & Where Can I Watch It?

First thing’s first. Let’s talk dates. The new series of Father Brown will begin airing on Monday, January 6th on BBC One in the UK.

A premiere date hasn’t yet been set for the US and beyond, but it’s likely BritBox will be the place to watch. Netflix no longer gets the new episodes, and BritBox premiered Season 7 back in August of 2019. Unfortunately, BritBox has been extremely slow about airing some of the newer seasons of the latest BBC mysteries (like Shakespeare & Hathaway and Death in Paradise), so it’s possible we could see a lengthy delay before it becomes available in the US. We’ll keep our fingers crossed for a speedy release.

If the past is anything to go by, it seems quite likely Season 8 of Father Brown will also air on many PBS stations at some point in the coming year. PBS stations vary considerably by location, though, so I’d advise keeping an eye on your local listings during the spring and summer.

It’s also worth noting that due to the show’s continued popularity around the world, a ninth series has already been commissioned, and it will be broadcast on BBC One and BBC’s iPlayer at an undetermined date in 2021. The series has been sold in more than 200 territories, and it continues to draw a large audience share in the UK during its afternoon timeslot.

What’s Happening in Series 8 of Father Brown?

Lady Felicia will appear in Series 8 of Father Brown

Season 8 of Father Brown brings us 10 new 45-minute episodes. As dedicated fans will know, the series is based on the character made famous by GK Chesterton’s short stories, and it takes place in and around the small village of Kembleford in the Cotswolds. 

Peter Bullock, a producer for BBC Studios, said of the new series:

This eighth series promises to keep viewers enthralled with ten new whodunits to solve. Set against the backdrop of the stunning Cotswolds countryside these gloriously nostalgic episodes are full of drama, warmth and humour and feature a fantastic roster of familiar faces returning to Kembleford along with a wealth of brilliant guest appearances. For me, Father Brown continues to go from strength to strength.

Season 8 sees Father Brown investigating the murder of an eccentric beekeeper, intervening when Mrs. McCarthy’s family reunion is threatened by a questionable fortune teller, and racing to find solutions when Bunty is tried for murder.

Who’s in the Father Brown Cast for Season 8?

Lady Felicia is slated to appear in Season 8

Returning cast members include Mark Williams as Father Brown, along with Sorcha Cusack (White Heat) as Mrs McCarthy and Emer Kenny (EastEnders) as Bunty Windermere, as well as regular characters Inspector Mallory (Jack Deam, DCI Banks) and Sergeant Goodfellow (John Burton, Doctors).

We’ll also see returning guest characters Lady Felicia (Nancy Carroll), Sid Carter (Alex Price), Hercule Flambeau (John Light), Blind ‘Arry (Alan Williams), Chief Inspector Sullivan (Tom Chambers) and for the first time since 2014, Chief Inspector Valentine (Hugo Speer).

New guest characters will include Niamh Cusack, Nigel Planer, Pippa Haywood, Alison Pargeter, Graeme Hawley, Ian Puleston-Davies, Annabelle Apsion and James Anderson, though little information has been offered about their roles in the new episodes.

Read the Father Brown Stories

Father Brown 

If you’ve never read the original Father Brown mysteries by GK Chesterson, you’re in for a treat. There are 53 short stories in the series, many of them in the public domain (like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Chesterson published some works before and after the current cutoff). While most of the books you’ll find have only those that are not copyright-protected, you can get a complete version of all 53 short stories HERE

It’s worth noting that the stories were written over a span of many years and set in a variety of locations, while the TV series is quite definitely set in the 1950s in the Cotswolds. Father Brown himself is also a bit different in the stories – a bit less lovable to the reader, but more appreciated by the local police. It’s interesting to see the areas in which the television series and the stories diverge.

Will You Be Watching Season 8 of Father Brown When it Airs?

Is this one on your watch list? Or do you give it a pass in favour of grittier whodunits? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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Variety Picks the 25 Best TV Shows of the Past Decade

Variety has just published its list of the 25 best television shows of the past decade, with the requirement that shows premiering before 2009 were not eligible.

Compiled by Caroline Framke and Daniel D’Addario, the list includes some shows that are making “all the lists” — “Fleabag,” “The Americans,” “Orange Is the New Black” and “Game of Thrones,” to name a few — along with a few relatively overlooked gems, such as “Key and Peele,” “Party Down” and “Superstore.”

The authors don’t come out and say whether the list is ranked, but it is numbered … and in the No. 1 spot is HBO’s “The Leftovers,” followed by the Netflix show “BoJack Horseman” at No. 2 and HBO’s “Enlightened” at No. 3.

We encourage readers to click on the link above to Variety to see the full list and read why the shows were selected.


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ViacomCBS in Talks to Acquire Miramax Stake

ViacomCBS is in talks to acquire a stake in the Miramax library, according to The Hollywood Reporter, which cites insiders confirming that the company is looking at taking a minority stake. The report notes that Viacom expressed interest in the acquisition before the recent merger with CBS.

“Miramax, the studio founded by Harvey and Bob Weinstein, was purchased in 2016 by beIN Media Group and has valuable titles in an era when upstart streamers are vying for content as they go head-to-head with Netflix and others,” THR reports. “BeIN is said to be looking for ways to further monetize Miramax, perhaps by selling an equity stake to a strategic partner.”

Spyglass and Lionsgate also previously showed interest in Miramax, without reaching a deal. The report notes that a deal with ViacomCBS is also not a certainty.


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Drama Series Renewed

A drama series that premiered this month has already been picked up for a second season. Two of the stars of the Netflix series “Virgin River” appear in a video posted by the streaming service announcing the show’s renewal.

Season one of the series, consisting of 10 episodes, came out on Netflix on Dec. 6. Season two is due out sometime in 2020.

Below you can see the announcement video, which features the show’s stars Alexandra Breckenridge and Martin Henderson — along with Henderson’s dog Sam.


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‘Making a Murderer’ Pardon Rejected

The man whose legal case was documented in the 2015 Netflix series “Making a Murderer” had his request for a pardon rejected Friday by Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers.

“The request from Brendan Dassey filed in October does not meet the criteria for a pardon consideration because he has not completed his prison sentence and he is required to register as a sex offender, the letter from Evers’ pardons board released by the governor’s office said,” the AP reports.

Dassey was convicted of rape and murder when he was a teenager, but advocates have been calling for his release since the Netflix production spotlighted questions about his conviction. The effort suffered a setback in June 2018 when the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear his latest appeal.

“Dassey, now 30, was 16 years old when he confessed to Wisconsin authorities that he had joined his uncle, Steve Avery, in the 2005 rape and murder of photographer Teresa Halbach, before burning her body in a bonfire,” the AP reports. “Dassey submitted a handwritten note to Evers asking for the pardon.”

The AP adds: “The pardon request argued that Dassey was the victim of a ‘uniquely and profoundly flawed legal process.’ It says seeking clemency from the governor is ‘one of the last remaining legal options’ available.


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Departure, David Makes Man, Tropiques criminels, The Family Business renewed; Finding Joy acquired; + more

The Daily News will return on 6 January 2020. Have a great holiday season and new year!

Internet TV

  • Henry Lloyd-Hughes, Clark Peters, Royce Pierreson et al to star in Netflix’s The Irregulars

Canadian TV

French TV


  • Trailer for Sky Atlantic’s ZeroZeroZero
  • W acquires: Acorn (US)/RTE (Ireland)’s Finding Joy
  • ITV green lights: adaptation of Peter James’ Roy Grace crime novels, Grace, with John Simm


US TV show casting

New US TV shows

New US TV show casting

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Hippocrate renewed; Anne with an E trailer; + more

Internet TV

  • Trailer for season 3 of Netflix’s Anne with an E
  • Rob Reiner, Mira Sorvino and Michelle Krusiec to guest on Netflix’s Hollywood
  • Danica Curcic, Viola Martinsen, Lars Brygmann et al to star in Netflix’s Equinox
  • Zoë Wanamaker, Kevin Eldon, Luke Pasqualino et al join Netflix’s Shadow and Bone
  • Amazon developing: adaptation of Farah Naz Rishi’s I Hope You Get This Message

French TV

US TV show casting

New US TV shows

New US TV show casting

  • Jordana Spiro and Josh Andrés to star in HBO Max’s Vegas High
  • Ava Allan, Courtney Eaton, Briana Venskus et al to recur on Showtime’s Yellowjackets

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What have you been watching? Including Virgin River and Truth Be Told

This decade’s reviews

Christmas may only be one day, but somehow it manages to knock a couple of weeks out of the year. It’s no different with TMINE, either – just imagine our office party! – as we’ll be closing down on Friday until 6 January 2020.

Holidays are coming, as a certain yearly advert puts it.

That means this’ll be the last WHYBW of 2019 and indeed the decade for anyone who isn’t a great big pedant. Have I prepared anything special? Of course not. Don’t be ridiculous.

All I can say for my round-up of 2010-19 is that this decade, TMINE published more than 6,600 posts and more than 1,500 TV reviews, sometimes of multiple TV episodes, which is an awful lot of writing about and watching tele. I hope you’ve enjoyed it!

6 Underground
6 Underground

What’s coming this week

I’m going to push the boat out and say there might be an Orange Thursday, tomorrow, seeing as I’ve now watched both The Fear of God and Netflix’s new movie, 6 Underground. I’ll just need to write the reviews. However, that’s easier said than done, particularly given I’m seeing the new Star Wars in the evening. So we’ll see what transpires.

But after the jump, as promised, I’ll be taking a look at Apple TV+’s Truth Be Told, as well as the slightly unexpected Virgin River from Netflix.

Otherwise, the reviews will start again in the New Year.


The regulars

With Christmas nearly here, most of the regular shows have scaled down, but after the jump, we’ll also be talking about the latest episodes of Evil, For All Mankind, The Mandalorian and Mr Robot, as well as the season and (probably) series finale of Watchmen.

See you in a mo.

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