Apple software updates ship soon

That clamour you hear? It’s not thousands of people rushing to check their bank accounts to see if they can afford a new iPad Air when it ships next month, but developers racing to boot up Xcode so they have a chance to get their apps out the door when Apple updates its iOS-based products September 16.

iOS 14, iPad OS 14, watchOS 7, tvOS 14 ship tomorrow, Apple confirms

During the latest #AppleEvent, Apple made a range of announcements, a precis of which will follow later on.

A quick precis of the announcements made

  • New Apple Watch Series 6
  • The Apple Watch SE confirmed
  • Apple Watch Series 3 remains available for $199.
  • A new Apple One subscription service
  • A new Workout+ service
  • A (brilliant) new iPad Air model.
  • And a new iPad 8th generation.

And lots of news around the A14 chip. Expected in iPhone COVID-19 I guess means this is the first iPad to ship with the best available processor before it hits the iPhone in history.

Rounding off the announcements, Apple had one more thing:

It plans to ship iOS 14, iPad OS 14, watch OS 7 and tvOS 14 tomorrow (September 16). I have to observe that developers all over Twitter let out anxious shrieks at this news, as many had hoped to ship their apps at the same time as the OS – though perhaps this doesn’t matter quite as much as usual, given interest in iOS-based apps will remain really, really high as we wait on announcement of Apple’s all new iPhone 12.

  • So, get ready to update your devices.
  • Backup your information.
  • And you should probably think about waiting a little while before you do upgrade, as everyone tries to do it at the same time every year which usually slows the process.

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