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Most abuse happens within families and the lines between care, conflict and chaos are volatile. This episode addresses some of the dangling threads from the past and future episodes, including the perfect apology, a very competitive game of spaces and a celebrity’s latest business venture. Random Acts of Flyness is also available to stream on HBO via HBO Max. #HBO #RandomActsOfFlyness
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​Random Acts of Flyness is a late-night half-hour series from artist and filmmaker Terence Nance that explores topical and complex issues of race, gender, and sexuality, flipping them on their heads to illuminate new and distinctive perspectives. A fluid, stream-of-conscious look at the zeitgeist, each episode features a handful of short vignettes, showcasing an ensemble cast of emerging and established talent. Intermixing live-action shorts with animation, stop-motion and music, the six Season 1 episodes weave together a number of themes, including family, history, death, tech, relationships and more, creating an experience that is thought-provoking, visually unique, and subversively funny.

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Random Acts of Flyness: Items Outside the Shelter But Within Reach (S1 Ep4 – Full Episode) | HBO

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