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This week, five of the fifteen most viewed YouTube destinations were channels based in the United States. Content producers for children, as per usual, were particularly well-represented in the uppermost echelon of online video viewership.

Chart Toppers

Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes held onto the top position in our weekly US charts. The family-friendly animation studio, based in Southern California, came just a few clicks short of 719 million views over the most recent seven-day measurement period. Another destination catering to children, Kids Diana Show, claimed second place behind Cocomelon, scoring 488.9 million views this week. YouTube’s youngest viewers are also responsible for propelling Vlad and Nikita, a Florida-based vlog, to 248.7 million views and the #4 spot on the chart.

Sandwiched in between all of these nursery rhymes and family vlogs is Movieclips, the well-known repository of film trailers and snippets, which earned the #3 spot this week. The Venice, California-based channel, owned by Fandango, picked up 346.3 million views over seven days. The WWE rounded out the top five; its compendium of wresting content earned it 202.8 million hits during the week.

All of the top channels in our US Chart also earned high positions in our most recent global ranking as well. Cocomelon was the second-most viewed channel in the world over the measured period, Kids Diana Show was fourth, Movieclips was sixth, Vlad and Nikita was seventh, and WWE was 15th.

Top Gainers

The coronavirus outbreak didn’t seem to shuffle our worldwide chart very much, but it did help some hubs climb the ladder in the US. In particular, podcaster Joe Rogan‘s secondary YouTube channel, JRE Clips, rose from 103rd place to 36th. The primary catalysts for that uptick were a host of clips from a recent Joe Rogan Experience episode featuring infectious disease expert Michael Osterholm, who offered advice for managing the current pandemic. As a result, JRE Clips collected 54.6 million views, a 93% increase week-over-week. Rogan’s primary YouTube channel, PowerfulJRE, was the 119th most-viewed channel in the US chart, thanks to its collection of full Joe Rogan Experience episodes.

Another major riser was Lyrical Lemonade, a hip-hop hub that benefitted from its status as the home of a new Eminem music video, for the song “Godzilla.” The track features the late artist Juice Wrld, who passed away late last year. His rise to fame had been supported by outlets like Lyrical Lemonade, which makes the multimedia company’s YouTube channel a particularly apt home for Godzilla. In total, the channel received 89.6 million views this week, good for 13th place on the US chart.

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