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In the week in which it reclaimed the number one spot in our global ranking of the top 50 most-viewed YouTube channels of the week, a children’s animation studio based in Southern California also maintained its hold on the top position in our US-only chart. It was one of many family-friendly channels to see a surge in activity during a week when many hubs aimed at young viewers saw their respective chart positions rise.

Chart Toppers

Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes is close to gathering more than one billion views per week, a benchmark it has already reached multiple times this year. Over the past seven days, the kid-friendly channel received 989.1 million hits, which is 20% more than the viewership it received over the seven days before our current chart period. It’s also more than twice as many weekly views as all but three channels that fly the US flag on their YouTube homepages.

The three channels in question, like Cocomelon, all appeal to the online video community’s youngest viewers. Kids Diana show held onto its spot as the #2 channel in America by receiving 585.5 million views over the past seven days. Behind it in the #3 spot is Like Nastya, which inched closer to Kids Diana by registering a weekly view count of 519.2 million. Behind Like Nastya at #4 is Vlad and Niki, which was just a few million views short of the top three. Its ultimate tally for this edition of the chart was 509.5 million weekly views.

WWE, which had a big week on YouTube, earned the #5 spot. Viewership on the wrestling hub’s videos jumped by 14% week-over-week, with the channel reaching a total of 308.1 million weekly views.

Top Gainers

All along our US-only chart, kid-friendly content thrived. One show that drew particularly large audience was The Amazing World of Gumball, a mixed media sitcom that has gone on for six seasons and 240 episodes so far. The official Gumball YouTube channel received 51.3 million views over the seven days measured in our most recent US chart. That viewership represented a 27% week-over-week and allowed Gumball to roll from 297th place all the way up to 44th.

One Gumball video to receive a warm reception this week was a Father’s Day greeting that features the show’s titular, feline, protagonist, Gumball Watterson, and his stay-at-home dad, Richard. The clip needed only two days to surpass a quarter-million views.

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Gumball‘s big week was also a win for its broadcaster, Cartoon Network. The Warner Bros.-owned cable hub was the 24th-most viewed US-based YouTube channel this week, thanks to 81.5 million views over that period.

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