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In this week’s ranking of the top 50 most viewed YouTube channels in the world, an American animation studio was unseated from the #1 spot. However, that SoCal-based content provider can stake solace in the fact that it still receives more weekly viewership than any other channel that shares its home nation.

Chart Toppers

Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes received 10% less traffic this week than it did last week, but that didn’t stop it from easily claiming the #1 position in our US-only ranking of the top 50 channels on YouTube. Over the most recent seven-day measurement period, the family-friendly hub added 814.6 million views to its lifetime total, which is fast approaching 70 billion.

If you’re a regular reader of these charts, you’ll know that three other channels aimed at YouTube’s youngest viewers typically follow behind Cocomelon in positions two, three, and four. Sure enough, those kid-facing destinations filled out this week’s US chart superfecta, but they did so in reverse order from last week. Family vlog Vlad and Niki moved up from #4 to #2 thanks to 581.9 million weekly views; another all-ages hub, Like Nastya, held onto #3 with 521.2 million weekly views; and finally, Kids Diana Show, which was last week’s American runner-up, dropped back to fourth despite 442.9 million weekly views.

WWE was fifth once again in our star-spangled ranking; the wrestling video provider notched 300 million views this week.

Top Gainers

Many of the channels featured as “Top Gainers” make their move into the top 50 thanks to a sudden surge of new viewership, often triggered by a music video, an on-trend release, or some other form of viral hit. But not Aphmau. The gaming channel hosted by a creator who answers to both Aphmau and Jess has nearly eight years of videos in its archives, and over that time, it has grown enormously. Aphmau’s videos are usually based in the world of Minecraft and are assuredly family-friendly; perhaps their all-ages appeal helps explain why the channel has experienced such a serious upward trend.

Like many YouTube stars, especially those in the gaming world, Aphmau utilizes a consistent posting schedule. Her new videos, which arrive almost every day, regularly top one million views. Here’s one of her latest hits:

Aphmau’s total view count for the past week reached higher than 61.8 million, a 17% increase over the previous seven-day period. When all the numbers were tabulated, Jess’ YouTube home came away as the 32nd most-viewed channel based in the US. In her case, hard work has certainly paid off.

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