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Channels aimed at YouTube’s youngest viewers are among the most-trafficked destinations on the platform, and in the US, there are four kid-friendly channels in particular that continue to receive more weekly views that any of their online video compatriots. In this week’s ranking of the top 50 most viewed US YouTube channels, that quartet of family-oriented content providers finished 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th yet again.

Chart Toppers

For the third week in a row, Vlad and Niki emerged as the most-viewed YouTube channel based in the US. The Floridian family vlog received 752.8 million weekly views, which is a significant dip over its previous weekly total but still enough to squeeze past this week’s runner-up, Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes. The SoCal-based animator, formerly the top dog in our Tubefilter charts, added 734.9 million views this week.

Right behind Cocomelon in third place is Kids Diana Show, which saw its traffic jump up by 19% over the past seven days. The family vlog’s weekly tally of 721.2 million weekly views is only a fraction behind Vlad and Niki’s US-leading total, but still third-best in the nation. The final of America’s Big Four children’s YouTube channels is Like Nastya, which earned fourth place in our US-only chart this week after registering 442.5 million weekly views.

For the first week in quite some time, a channel other than WWE has claimed fifth place in our US-only ranking. The wrestling hub dropped down one spot to #6, as it was passed this week by Movieclips, the longtime YouTube home of Hollywood clips and trailers. Movieclips finished the week with 316.6 million weekly views.

Top Gainers

Latin American music stars continue to make waves on YouTube, and this week, a Spanish-language music producer based in the United States is reaping the benefits. Flow La Movie, a record label run by José A. Hernandéz, jumped up 35 spots in this week’s US-only rankings, thanks to a slew of fresh audio-only clips and music videos. The artists known for working with Flow La Movie include Nio Garcia and Casper Magico, a pair of Puerto Ricans who collaborated with several other Latin rap stars on the 2018 megahit “Te Bote,” which has brought more than 2.1 billion views to the Flow La Movie YouTube channel.

Now, Garcia and Magico are back. Over the past 10 days, 14 new videos have arrived on the Flow La Movie channel, including three music videos. A clip that accompanies Garcia and Magico’s track “La Gangster” needed only five days to accrue more than six million views.

Flow La Movie’s weekly totals included 84.5 million views, which was a 75% increase over the previous seven day period. That figure was good enough for 21st-best among US-based channels on YouTube.

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