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The four most-viewed US-based YouTube channels of the week have a few things in common. All of them received more than 500 million views during our chart’s most recent seven-day measurement period. All of them broadcast their videos to more than 50 million subscribers. And all of them are catering to young children. The kid-friendly channel atop them all is an animation studio that has dominated this ranking for much of 2020.

Chart Toppers

Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes is still on top — at least on this continent. The Southern California-based channel, which offers animated nursery rhymes to more than 93 million subscribers, had another big week on YouTube. Its seven-day total reached 830.3 million weekly views, giving it a nine-digit cushion over its closest American competitor. The competitor in question, Vlad and Niki, moved up a spot from our previous US-only chart, reaching #2 thanks to a tally of 711.7 million weekly views.

The channel that Vlad and Niki supplanted in the #2 spot, Kids Diana Show, fell back to #3. The Ukranian-American kiddie vlog, led by its titular girl, earned 704.7 million weekly views — not quite its high water mark, but still far ahead of the next-most trafficked contender. The fourth family-friendly channel to breach the 500 million view threshold this week was Like Nastya, which ended our most recent measurement period with 526.9 million weekly views, good for an 8% week-over-week increase.

And for the second week in a row, Movieclips rounded out the top five. The film video archive was able to notch 360.7 million weekly views.

Top Gainers

Speaking of notch, a channel known for its Minecraft-related content had a very big week. Alan Becker is an animator who uses Minecraft trends as inspiration for minimalistic, dialogue-free stick figure animations. He doesn’t release new videos very often, but when he does, they tend to explode. Over the past year, Becker has released only ten videos on his primary channel, but they’ve combined for more than 400 million views.

As you can imagine, Becker’s big week was fueled by the release of a new video. This one is based around Minecraft‘s “lucky block” mod, and it has experienced plenty of good luck itself. In its first eight days on YouTube, it received more than 18 million views, while also bringing fresh viewership to Becker’s back catalog. In our most recent US-only chart, Becker placed 47th, thanks to 54.5 million weekly views and a week-over-week viewership increase of 130%.

Becker’s videos appeal to Minecraft fans first and foremost, but with their quiet, intentionally underplayed style, they seem to be drawing a wide audience. One commenter, for example, suggests that Becker’s animations are reaching another YouTube subculture.

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