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When I get busy, TV gets busy – such is the game the Fates play with me. Nevertheless, TMINE still managed to review the entire second season of Netflix’s Altered Carbon and preview Fox UK’s forthcoming War of the Worlds.

Meanwhile, in the magical world of the silver screen, Orange Thursday’s double bill last week was 1917 (2019) and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019)

Queen Sono

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But I also watched a whole bunch of other new shows, which I’ll be covering after the jump: Transplant (Canada: CTV), Tribal (Canada: APTN), Stateless (Australia: ABC; UK: Netflix) and Queen Sono (Netflix).

In movies, tomorrow’s Orange Thursday will be down to a single feature, since I’m out tonight so won’t have time to watch a second flick: Dark Waters (2020).

In TV, by next Wednesday, I’m hoping to have watched and maybe even reviewed: Dave (US: FX), Devs (US: Hulu), Amazing Stories (Apple TV+) and Temple (US: Spectrum). There’s probably some other shows I’ve missed, knowing me, so I’ll try to review them too when they show up.

For Life
For Life

The regulars

With Stumptown taking another week off, the list of regulars is back down to the usual three again: For Life, The Outsider and Star Trek: Picard. All of which I’ve managed to catch up with and are after the jump.

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