YouTube has just launched [email protected], a YouTube Learning hub filled with recommended educational channels, playlists, and supplementary content for parents and kids stuck at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“As schools around the world close their buildings and families find themselves at home, we want to ensure that learning together continues,” YouTube said on the new hub’s landing page. To create [email protected], the platform officially partnered with “EduTubers” (aka educational content-making YouTubers) and organizations like Khan Academy, a nonprofit that builds online tools for students and creates virtual lessons about a range of topics.

[email protected] has two sections. The first is an expansive directory of recommended channels, divided into three age groups: channels for preschoolers, channels for families with kids five years old and up, and channels for families with kids 13 and older. Each age group offers a collection of EduTuber and media/brand channels personally vetted by YouTube, including John and Hank Green’s CrashCourse and SciShow, Discovery Education, mathman1024, Physics Girl, Mother Goose Club, and Sesame Street.

The second section is a set of resources: at-home learning schedules from Khan Academy, and YouTube Learning playlists of math, science, history, and art-related videos.

[email protected] is currently available only in English, but in a blog post announcing the hub, YouTube said that soon, it will roll out in Italian, French, Korean, Spanish, Japanese, and more.

In the same blog post, YouTube also talked up other educational areas of its platform, including the popular “study with me” genre, where students post hours-long videos or livestreams of themselves reading, taking notes, and otherwise prepping for exams. The platform also reiterated that those with children under 13 should direct said kiddos to YouTube Kids for “a safer environment where they can explore their interests and curiosity.”

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